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Hatteras Village is changing rapidly. Many of the old buildings are being torn down or replaced. A historical and architectural heritage is being lost. Below are links to photos of Hatteras Village over the last 80 years. Many of the photos are from the Standard Oil of New Jersey collection now housed at the University of Louisville. Select an image below to learn more about "Hatteras Village, Then & Now."

. Mouse over the photo to see how this scene has changed since the 1940's

1901 Weather Station

1879 Life-Saving Station
Destroyed in Hurricane Isabel, September 18, 2003

1928 Hotel Atlantic View

Click the picture above to view a panorama of the Hatteras Village Triangle.

Aerial View of Hatteras Village taken in 1923 when Gen. Billy Mitchell used Hatters Village as a base of operations . Compare to photo taken 80 years later in 2003.

Pre 1923 Oden's Store
Click for Hatteras, North Carolina Forecast
Diamond Shoals Weather Buoy

Pre 1923 Brittie Gaskill House