Midgetts of Hatteras

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Click on the link below to view geneology of the Midgetts of Hatteras Village: 

Family Tree of Midgett Family of Hatteras Village

Luey Angel Midgett and his sons spent many years pursuing careers on the water. Luey, in his early years, ran a "freight boat" between Hatteras Village and the mainland. Later, with his two oldest sons Alton and Jarvis, he worked on ocean going U.S. Army Corp of Engineering dredges. John, like many other members of the Midgett family, pursued a lifetime career in the U.S. Coast Guard. And Percy, the youngest, had a short stint in the U.S. Navy before settling on a career ashore.

Click the pictures below to explore the maritime careers of these sons of Hatteras Village.

Luey Angel Midgett
Luey Alton Midgett
Jarvis Sealy Midgett
John Edward Midgett
Percy Comer Midgett


Ray Midgett