Hotel Atlantic View

Then - 1940's
Hotel Atlantic View was established in 1928 as Hatteras Island's first hotel. It was built to provide accommodations for wealthy businessmen and industrialists of the era who traveled to the island for its renowned game hunting and sport fishing. Notice the cistern to the right of the building with the downspouts feeding it rain water from the roof.

Photo courtesy of Josephine Oden

Then - 1946

Photo of hotel after an early season hurricane.

Photo used with permission  of the University of Louisville Photographic Archives

Then - 1950's

(Mouse over postcard to see the back)

Now - 2002

 Over the years, the hotel has been expanded and renovated. Today it is known as the Seaside Inn Bed and Breakfast. Notice how much the cedar trees have grown since the photo above was taken.


Ray Midgett