Brittie Gaskill House

The Brittie Gaskill House was built sometime prior to 1923 by Brittie's husband, Litchfield Gaskill. Originally, it was located adjacent to Oden's General Store, which Litchfield helped to establish. The house has been moved to a location on Kohler Drive past the old U.S. Weather Bureau Station. The hip roof has been replaced with a gable roof, the front porch remaining basically unchanged.

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Front Porch Gathering on Brittie's Porch - Early 1940's

Britties Front Porch - Brittie Gaskill, Pauline Oden, Donnie Oden, Etta Midgett, Alton Midgett, Jean Midgett, Barbara Midgett, Mitzi Oden, Joan Midgett, John Midgett, Jr., Ann Midgett.

Ray Midgett