Village Triangle from the East

Then - Late 1940's

View of the center of the village looking west from the direction of the Slash Bridge. The Hatteras school house is shown on the left with a person standing in front holding what appears to be a weather balloon, perhaps from the nearby weather station. Directly behind the person with the balloon, is the Loren Ballance gas station. To the right is the Burrus General Store. Next to the right is the Austin General Store. The building on the far right of the photo is the village movie theater.

Now - May, 2002

Today all of the buildings are gone except for Austin General Store (Today it is the Village Thrift Shop). The Hatteras Post Office and the Community Center now stand in the approximate location of the old Hatteras school house. The volunteer fire station and Dare County Sheriff's Office stand where the Loren Ballance gas station once stood. In the background, to the right of the flag pole, you can see the front of the Burrus Red & White grocery store that replaced the general store in the 1960's. The movie theater still exists today, but was moved during the 1960's to the beach area of the village next to the old Durant Life-Saving Station and converted into apartments.

Ray Midgett