Durant Life-Saving Station


The Durant Life-Saving Station was built in 1878-79. It was one of 26 "1876-Type" stations built by the U.S. Life-Saving Service. Originally, it was named "Hatteras." but because of confusion with the station at Cape Hatteras, its name was changed to Durant in 1883, possibly after the point of land on the northwest tip of Hatteras Village.


Photos courtesy of Josephine Oden



The station as it appeared in the 1930's
(Photo courtesy of Josephine Oden)

The station was decommissioned in 1937. Standard Oil of New Jersey explored for oil on the Outer Banks during the late 1940's, using a station outbuilding to store explosives.
(Photo used with permission  of the University of Louisville Photographic Archives)

May, 2002

October, 2003

The station as it appeared prior to Hurricane Isabel as part of the "Durant Station" motel complex. The station was completely destroyed by Hurricane Isabel, September 18, 2003. To the right in the photo, you can see the remains of the cistern.

Ray Midgett